Analyst of the Month

**NEW FEATURE** ~ Analyst of the Month

Each month, MACIA will feature an analyst throughout the state for us to all get to know better.

September Analyst: Deanna Acker, Maple Grove Police Department

  • Work history/training/education in the field:
    • Current: Crime Analyst with Maple Grove since 2017; Previous: Army Intel Officer (deployed to Iraq, and did IED analysis, with trends and cells); 6th grade teacher in Memphis, TN; Freelance writer and editor for a book publisher (yes, I am a member of the grammar police)
    • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from West Point; Master’s degree in Writing from Lindenwood University.
  • Personal:
    • I was born in Derby, KS, and grew up in Joplin, MO (the town that got hit by the EF-5 tornado in 2011).
    • I married one of my West Point classmates. We have two boys, ages 12 and 4, as well as our cat, Cinnamon.
    • We have a fun family tradition of doing themed family Halloween costumes. The best one so far has been Power Rangers. This year, we are going to be characters from Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. The boys are currently arguing over who gets to be Miles Morales.
    • It seems like my hobby these days is chauffeuring the kids places. However, I like watching sports, reading, and building Legos.
    • My favorite book: This is tough because there are so, so many I love. But Matilda by Roald Dahl was my first love.
    • My favorite food: Pizza.
    • My favorite drink: Pepsi is better than Coke. Fight me.
    • My favorite song: “Word Crimes,” by Weird Al Yankovich. If you don’t understand the lyrics to this, you probably need an editor.
    • My favorite movie: The Harry Potter series (though the books are better). I’m also loving the current Marvel movie series.
    • My favorite teams: Lynx, Timberwolves, New Orleans Saints, and of course, Army. Go Army! Beat Navy!
    • My favorite Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw, though I wish I was a Gryffindor.

August Analyst: Chelsea Adams, Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office – CISA

  • Work history/training/education in the field:
    • Current: Criminal Investigative Analyst with CISA at the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office; Previous: Crime Prevention Specialist in the 5th Precinct of the Minneapolis PD
    • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology (Cultural focus) from Macalaster College
    • Interesting College Experiences: I studied abroad in Fiji, lived with Sunni Muslim mothers, and wrote my paper on Women in Islam. I also did an anthropological study of a local crime lab, and later wrote a paper on Media vs. Reality, with regards to crime labs, and compared CSI, Forensic Files, and the local lab.
  • Personal:
    • I am interested in: Nerdiness. I like computers, writing, reading, drawing, playing Sims, reading/watching manga/anime.
    • I love languages! I have taken classes in seven languages, but am not fluent in anything other than English. I am second-most fluent in Spanish, would like to learn Arabic/Gaelic/Korean, would like a refresher on Japanese, would like to reacquaint myself with the Cyrillic alphabet, and learn: Sumerian or similar cuneiform, Eldar Futhark, ready hieroglyphs, and learn more proto-writing or any other super old language.
    • I believe that dogs are better than humans, and live with my dog, Harley, who is a huge dork. She has a tendency to lay around in weird ways, looking like she is inexplicably dead.
    • I am vegan, and love tea (I always keep a bunch of tea at my desk for anyone to have).
    • I am the official keeper of the nicknames in our office, and may or may not have a terrifying creeper face on a stick to jumpscare my coworkers.
    • I love cemeteries. One of my favorite things to do is stop at the oldest-looking cemeteries that I can find, walk around looking at tombstones, clear off the old ones that have not been touched in years, and wonder about the stories hidden behind the names.
    • When I was 4 1/2, my mom dressed me ostensibly as a large cat (cheetah? leopard?). Why would you do that to me, Mom? Why?
    • People would always call me Wednesday Addams or sing the Addams Family song to me growing up, as I am as pale as Casper the Ghost, my last name is Adams, and my hair has always been dark. I consider it to be a compliment: Wednesday is pretty dope.
    • A favorite thing in my office is a massive mug that my friend got me in San Francisco…makes me laugh every time. You will know it when you see it. 😉
    • For a while, I had blue hair, and at one point, green. It is my goal in life to be able to go back to one of them…

July Analyst: Brielle Bernardy, Ramsey County Attorney’s Office

  • Work history/training/education in the field:
    • Current: Criminal Justice Analyst at the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office; Previous: Security Officer at the Rosedale Mall; Volunteer/Intern for the Roseville Police Department
    • Instructor for the Intelligence and Crime Analysis Program at Century College
    • MACIA Secretary
    • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Metro State; Master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Metro State; Certificate in Intelligence and Crime Analysis from Century College
    • About Current Position: I help run the Criminal Division with Investigations after charging, work on cold cases, run statistics for management, and assist attorneys with analytic products for trial.  
  • Personal:
    • I was born and raised in MN. I have lived in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis my whole life.
    • I adore Minnesota and all it has to offer.
    • In my free time I love to do art, travel, go to my parents’ cabin, fish, spend time with family and friends, and work on my townhome.
    • My friends and family call me Double B or Red.

June Analyst: Alyssa Ryder, Duluth Police Department

  • Work history/training/education in the field:
    • 2009-2019 – Police Crime and Intelligence Analyst
    • Internship: BCA in the SIU during undergrad; Summer Worker at the Virginia PD
    • Groups: Lake Superior Drug & Violent Crime Task Force; Lake Superior Child Abduction Response Team
    • Education: Bachelor’s in Theatre (Performance) & Psychology (Law Concentration) w/minor in Dramaturgy from Augsburg College; Master’s in Criminology from UMD (Thesis Practicum focused on utilization of analysts in cold case homicide investigations)
    • Certification: CCIA from CA Dept of Justice/CA State University, Sacramento/Alpha Group
  • Notables:
    • Favorite Tasks/Projects: Large scale conspiracy cases with fun link charts and case summary PDFs with lots of phone tolls; Pen Registers/phone tolls are also fun
    • Funny Work Story: I was testifying in a homicide jury trial and when asked to state my name, dumped my entire glass of water all over myself…then I tried to pretend it didn’t happen by slyly leaning over the puddle in front of me…nobody could stop laughing for what seemed like forever.  I was told that it made me very relatable though, so maybe I’ll work that in every time. 
  • Personal:
    • Married to Cody, Daughter Irene, who tells everyone she is 8 (she’s 3 1/2)…she often wears a crown, wings, cape, and cowgirl boots wielding a sword; often declares herself to be feeling “sassy”
    • My hobbies: DCM Rifle Matches (M-1 Garand blamblamblamblamblamblamblamblamPING), Scrapbooking, Road Trips, Reading
    • Hometown: Virginia, MN (“Nothing Stranger than a Ranger!”)

May Analyst: Cody Larson, Mall of America Special Operations, Bloomington

  • Work history in the field:
    • 2018 to Present: Security Intelligence Analyst – Mall of America, Special Operations
    • 2016 to 2017: Criminal Intelligence Analyst – North Dakota State and Local Intelligence Center
    • 2016: Crime Analyst – St. Paul Police Department
    • 2015 to 2016: Park Patrol Agent – Minneapolis Park Police
    • 2008-2012, 2014-2015: Reserve Officer – Minneapolis Police Department
  • Notable Moments in LE:
    • Lead Tactical Analyst for Dakota Access Pipeline Protest
    • Received SPPD Chief’s Award in 2013 while working as an Investigative Intern (Analytical work regarding a Craigslist Robbery/Shooting series)
    • POST-eligible in 2010
    • Recurring guest speaker at Metro State
  • Personal History:
    – Grew up in Crookston, MN
    – Received Bachelor’s Degree in LE from Metro State University, and a Certificate of Crime and Intelligence Analysis from Century College
    – Crossfit and Powerlifting Coach; Judo and Martial Art student since 2015
    – Engaged to Megan since 2016; parents to 3 annoying, but loveable cats
    – Started taking Japanese at Normandale last month
    – Avid comic book/video game/anime nerd, as well as a military history and mythology nerd. 🙂

April Analyst:  Ben Kroll, MN National Guard Counterdrug Task Force

  • Work history in the field:
    • 2007-2012 – Active Duty Military Police Officer, overseas to: Daegu, South Korea in 2007 & Baghdad, Iraq in 2009
    • 2012 to Present – I left Active Duty and joined the Minnesota National Guard, Re-classed job fields to become a Military Intelligence Analyst
    • 2015 to Present – Minnesota National Guard Counterdrug Task Force. Assigned to Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office – CISA Unit
  • Notable Training:
    • Military Intelligence certification – 2012
    • Anoka Technical College – certified A-EMT – 2014
    • Integrated Drug and Contraband course at Camp Doge, IA – 2015
    • Criminal Analyst certified through NGB CA Phase I & II courses – 2016
    • NGB Threat Finance Phase I course – 2016
    • ZETX and Cell Hawk – cell phone mapping basic courses – 2017/2018
  • Personal History:
    • Married to Samantha since 2015. We have a daughter named Ellie that is a 1 ½ years old. She takes up most of our spare time!
    • My hobbies: shooting, hunting, camping, hockey, and brewing my own beer
    • We have two dogs: Luna – Australian Shepherd, Sadie – Pomeranian

March Analyst:  Angela Backer-Hines, Eagan PD

  • Employed with Eagan PD since 2014
  • Hometown is Bloomington
  • Lives in Bayport with her husband Jeff, son Michael, and dog Chicchai
  • BA in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science from Hamline University and MS in Criminal Justice – Criminal Behavior from Tiffin University
  • Certified Law Enforcement Analyst with IACA, Criminal Intelligence Certified Analyst with IALEIA, Certified Criminal Intelligence Analyst with Alpha Group/California DOJ
  • Analyst since 2004 – Past work history includes Robbinsdale PD, Burnsville PD, Ramsey County SO, MN Gang and Drug Task Forces, BCA and MN Fusion Center
  • MACIA Treasurer/Board Member since 2009, and Training Coordinator & Instructor for IACA since 2013
  • Hobbies include reading, cooking/baking, watching movies, home remodeling projects, painting, going to the lake (when it is nice out) and watching hockey (when it’s not nice out – ha)
  • Random –
    • Could probably live off bread and cheese if it wasn’t so unhealthy…
    • Being away from home for four weeks with USSS in Alabama for forensic training (while pregnant) was one of the most challenging experiences to date
    • Hopes to move to Ireland someday (Johnstown Castle photo from her trip in 2013 and the Kilbeggan Distillery – best little town ever)
    • Favorite movies and horror films and musicals, and yes sometimes they are watched back to back
    • Favorite band is Bon Jovi – but she will always change the radio station if they play Livin’ on a Prayer

February Analyst:  Luther Krueger, Minneapolis PD

Crime Prevention Analyst:  2007- Present; Crime Prevention Speciailist:  1995-2007

  • Resident of MN since 1974, of Minneapolis since 1980. Lyndale Neighborhood (SW Mpls) resident since 1987.
  • BA in English and Theatre Arts, U of M 1985
  • Master of Public and Nonprofit Administration (MPNA), Metropolitan State University, 2005
  • Prior to joining MPD: Managed a bookstore in S. Mpls 1980-1989. Temped for 2 yrs before getting hired by IDS Life Insurance in 1991. Left IDS in 1994 to be the Community Organizer for the Lyndale Neighborhood Association.
  • Volunteered with Lyndale’s crime prevention committee in 1992, which led to applying to MPD as a CPS and getting hired in 1995.
  • Moonlighting: Teaches occasional courses at Metropolitan State University in the MPNA degree program. Next course: Capstone for the MPNA, Spring Semester 2019.
  • Writing: Occasional columnist for the Southwest Journal (Minneapolis) and book reviews for the Journal of Urban affairs since mid-2000’s. Wrote plays at the U of M in the 1980’s.
  • Pastimes: Alley murals for the neighborhood, collecting and using solar cookers.
  • Most seriously in-over-my-head experience: Presenting Minneapolis Crime Prevention strategies to a subcommittee of the Kazakhstan Parliament, in the capital Astana, 2009.
  • Most seriously fun off-the-map experience: Presenting the same info to Jamaican Constables in Kingston, 2006 🙂
  • Pathetic highlight of my life: Threw out first pitch for a Twins game, week of National Night Out, 1996: